About Us

We started out way back in 1996 as multimedia developers and CD/DVD replication brokers. Operating out of one small rented office with a team of just two people. Sales in our first year came in under £30k! Over the years the company has developed from very modest beginnings into a successful business. We now offer a much wider range of services and products, and operate with a much larger team of people working out of 5,000sq.ft premises that we own, and our annual sales are measured in £m's. We've come a long way.

Promotional Merchandise was added to our range as a response to our existing customers demands, and we now have verified a verified DIRECT supply chain from suppliers all over the world. Ranging from electronics from the far east to Ceramics from Europe, if you can think of it, we can source it, on time, every time.

Our success is due to one thing: dedication to customer service. From initial enquiry right through to delivery of the final product. We will always find the time to answer your queries and help you out when ever required.